Information about ASAHI products

ASAHI Thermoplastic series

Plastic series unit is consisted of the stainless steel insert bearing and the thermoplastic housing. It is self-aligning and anti-corrosive. The insert bearing is factory- prelubricated with FD-grease. The solid base housing does not easily allow bacteria  to propagate and keeps good hygienic condition.

Typical application: Food-procesing / packaging / textile machineries, chemical and hospital apparatus atc.

Construction and materials

BEARING stainless steel (SUS440C), stainless steel balls (SUS440C), nylon retainer, rubber seal (nitril)

GREASE Food Grade grease is authorized by USDA (United States Department od Agriculture) and approved as USDA H-1 grade grease

HOUSING thermoplastic, stainless steel grease nipple holder (SUS304), stainless steel bolt hole bushing (SUS304), grease nipple – copper alloy (nickle plated)

COVERS thermoplastic


Allowable speed: 2500 rpm to 8000 rpm [depand on shaft diam.]

Operation temperature: -12°C to +80°C


ASAHI Katalog - Plastové série


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