Information about ASAHI products

ASAHI HT400 series

ASAHI High Temperature series – heat resitant up to 400°C. Specials materials with superior features enable excellent performance of the bearing unit even under high-temp operation and provide satisfactory service life. Typical application: industrial furnace, drying furnace, damper.

In order to maximize the life expectancy, please consult with us for the operating conditions, such as ambient temperature, rotation speed, load, etc.

Construction and materials

BEARING stainless steel coated with special solid lubricant

BALLS ceramic (Si3N4) also coated with special solid lubricant

RETAINER self-lubricating carbon edurable even for high-temp application

HOUSING grey cast iron with special heat resitant paint

Comparsion of temperature resistance

HR4 120°C
HR5 200°C
HR23 230°C
HT400 400°C